KIU Yunus Social Business Center Successfully Hosts 12th Social Business Day

The Kampala International University Yunus Social Business Center (KIU-YSBC) has successfully hosted the 12th Social Business Day, an annual global family gathering that platforms the accumulated experiences of social business leaders and entrepreneurs to give shape to the future.

The 4-day event, which started on June 27 and ended today June 30, was held online and offline under the theme, “Building a New Civilization Before the Current Civilization Destroys Us.”

It attracted more than 150 speakers and more than 700 registered participants from 66 countries who joined globally.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was the host and moderators including Prof. Jude Diji Chukwuemeka, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension, KIU, and Ambrose Kibuuka, Member of the KIU Board of Trustees.

Anita Malinga and Dr. Rosean Mwaniki, both from KIU, presented. 

Prof. Chukwuemeka’s session ran under the theme, “Cross-Country Collaboration for Fighting Climate Change”, while Kibuuka’s session ran under the theme, “Entrepreneurship Education, Social Business and Youth Unemployment in Uganda.”

During the opening ceremony, Vice Chancellor KIU Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo congratulated Professor Muhammad Yunus for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

“Through our Yunus Social Business Center, we shall do our best to engage our students, community, and local leaders to understand the need to harness what is within their means to be able to help themselves and others,” Prof. Mpezamihigo said.

“KIU is there to advance social business for the good of humanity and the involvement of a new civilization that will create a fair and just world for all of us,” he added.

Panelists on the closing day session, which was hosted by Ambrose Kibuuka included Beatrice Kamakune, National Youth Council member, Abaas Mpindi, the CEO of Media Challenge Initiative, Aisha Ganda, founder of Snack 4u and Moses Labong Odongo, the CEO Youth For a Covenant Vision.

What is Social Business Day?

Social Business Day is an annual event gathering that platforms the accumulated experiences of social business leaders and entrepreneurs to give shape to the future.

This year’s subjects included healthcare, fighting unemployment, cross-country collaboration in fighting climate change, the role of sports in social business, 3Zero Clubs, and academic research in social business.

This year’s theme highlighted the fact that the current civilization which is based on profit maximization has set us on a suicidal path.

Global warming, wealth concentration, and unemployment, caused by artificial intelligence, are leading us to our ultimate extinction. 

Our window of opportunity to put humanity on a new path toward a new direction is getting smaller and smaller, and we must prepare the seedbed of a new civilization before the opportunity slips away.