Report of the Social Business Day Activities 2022 (27th – 30th June, 2022) held at Kampala International University, Uganda

Introduction and Overview

The 12th Annual Social Business Day, 2022 (SBD2022) activities organized by the Yunus Centre took place globally and at the Kampala International University (KIU) from the 27th – 30th of June 2022. The SBD2022 activities at KIU was coordinated by the KIU – Yunus Social Business Centre (KIU – YSBC).

The theme of this year’s SBD2022 was “Building a New Civilization – Before the Current Civilization Destroys Us”.; took place as an online and in-person hybrid event with a special focus on East Africa. KIU – YSBC served as a co – implementing partner for the event in collaboration with other African YSBCs.

The SBD2022 activities focused on the challenges created by the current civilization based on profit maximization, which has set the world on a suicidal path with the problems of global warming, wealth concentration, and unemployment caused by artificial intelligence, leading our generation to ultimate extinction if the trend is not halted.

The SBD2022 explored a new window of opportunity based on new creative and proven ideas and concepts based on the broad and basic concepts of social business which is focused on finding compassionate, practical, and long-lasting solutions to social issues while expanding opportunities for the people and the economy. SBD2022 envisions a new civilization based and built on an economy based primarily on zero personal profit to solve the problems of the people and the planet, which is expected to provide and prepare the seedbed of a new civilization and put humanity on a new path which unfortunately is getting smaller and smaller.

The report of SBD2022 at KIU is divided into three broad sections.

Section A reports the daily activities of the conference, section B gives a breakdown of the financial report for hosting the activities, and section C highlights all the annexes attached to the reports.

Thank you

Professor Chukwuemeka J. Diji

KIU – YSBC Director &

Co – Chair, African Region Forum, SBD2022


Daily Activities of SBD 2022

Day one – 27th June, 2022

The first day activity of SBD 2022 consisted of the following activities:

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Plenary 1: Urgency for building a new civilization by building a 3ZERO world
  3. Plenary 2: Education for new civilization
  4. Plenary 3: Youth for building a new civilization: Role of Entrepreneurship and 3ZERO clubs.
  5. Plenary 4: Environmental Consciousness for New Civilisation
  6. Plenary 5: Technology for New Civilization.

KIU participated actively in the opening ceremony through its live audience and Vice–Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo, who was one of the guest speakers during the opening of the SBD2022. In his opening remark, the Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University Professor Mouhamad Mpezamihigo called for immediate action about issues affecting the youth, saying that there is nothing as dangerous as having a group of youth who seem not to be clear about their future. In his words “About 70% of the African population is below 30 years of age and that is a very big threat if we do not take care of the climate issues and issues affecting their livelihood and prospects of the future.”

He also said that through KIU - Yunus Social Business Centre, KIU will engage the students, community and local leaders to understand the need to harness what is within their means to be able to help themselves and others. “We have been able to operationalize at least one of the pillars of skilling the Youth through a YY foundation project for which we are very grateful, this project will come out to address issues that affect the largest stakeholders of the population which are the youth.”

 KIU also participated in the other activities of the day through live streaming of the activities by an active audience of university students and youth leaders in Kampala and Uganda.

Day 2 – 28th June, 2022

The second day of the SBD2022, was devoted to majorly activities by co – hosting African YSBC and other special activities organized by the Yunus Centre (YC). The activities of day 2 are the following:

  1. Plenary 6: Fighting Unemployment through Social Business in Uganda (Organized by Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Uganda)
  2. Plenary 7: Healthcare for New Civilisation (organized by YC)
  3. Plenary 8: Building a Poverty free Africa (Organized by Tangaza University College, Kenya and Abomey Calavi of Benin)
  4. Plenary 9: Business for New Civilisation/ Social Business (Organized by Yunus Social Business – Global)
  5. Plenary 10: Cross–Country Collaboration for Fighting Climate Change (Organized by Kampala International University and Catholic University of Zimbabwe)
  6. Plenary 11: Building Sustainable Peace for New Civilization (Organized by YC)
  7. Special Session: 82nd Birthday greetings for Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus (Organized by YC)
  8. Plenary 12: Financial Institutions for New Civilisation (Organized by YC)
  9. Plenary 13: Sports for New Civilisation (Organized Yunus Sports hub)

KIU participated actively in all the activities of the day through the live streaming of the activities and organized plenary 10 activities on behalf of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe.

Plenary 10: Cross–Country Collaboration for Fighting Climate Change

This activity took place from EAT 13.55 – 14.55pm, there was a 5 – 10 minutes extension due to starting late. The session had the following resource persons

Name Designation Role
Prof. Chukwuemeka Diji DVC – RICE, KIU & Director KIU – YSBC Moderator of the Session
Ms. Edith Ofwona Adera Regional Principal Officer and African Adaptation Acceleration Programme (AAAP) Coordinator; African Development Bank Group Speaker
Prof. Amos Kabo – Bah Civil and Environmental Engineer; Prof and Dean of International relations Office; University of Energy and Natural Resources
(UNER), Sunyani – Ghana    
Prof. Amos Kabo – Bah Mahmud Hossain    CEO, Grameen Digital Health Solutions and Advisor to the Chairperson of Grameen Telecom Trust Speaker

Dr. Cliff Zinyemba

Human Ecologist, Public health and Family Medicine Specialist, University of Cape Town, South Africa



Ms. Natalie Mangondo

Masters’ Scholar and South Africa Climate Finance    Partnership; University of Zimbabwe


The session explored the following issues:

  • Impact of Climate change on human health and general wellbeing
  • The problem of access to funds for implementing climate adaptation and resilience programmes.
  • The use of digital technology in mitigating the impacts of climate change
  • Role of working groups and partnerships in combating climate change

The session recommended the following measures to improve cross–country collaboration in climate change

  • Better collaboration between scholars and institutions across regions to leverage knowledge sharing
  • Research should be intensified in the aspects of climate change and just transition programmes
  • There is a need in the area of health for technology co-development
  • Governments, international agencies and institutions need to come up with viable projects to attract funding for climate adaptation and resilience programmes

Day 3 - 29th June, 2022

The activities on day three were divided into two sections. For the morning session each country was allowed to have a country session followed by an African forum session leading up to joining the global session for the 3ZERO convention. The activities for day three were:

  1. Country Forum – around the clock
  2. African Forum – EAT 12.00 – 14.00
  3. 3ZERO Convention – EAT 14.00 – 16.00