“KIU is there to advance Social Business for the Good of Humanity” KIU VC

The Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University, Professor Mouhamad Mpezamihigo has called for immediate action about issues affecting the youth, saying that there is nothing as dangerous as having a group of youth who seem not to be clear about their future.

“About 70% of the African population is below 30 years of age and that is a very big threat if we do not take care of the climate issues and issues affecting their livelihood and prospects of the future.” Professor Mouhamad Mpezamihigo said

Professor Mouhamad Mpezamihigo was giving his opening remarks during the Social Business Day, an annual event organized by the Yunus Centre that started today Monday 27th-30th June 2022.

In a virtual presentation, Prof Mouhamad Mpezamihigo called for teamwork on challenges faced by the youth in the world today.

He said that through Yunus Social Business Centre, KIU will engage the students, community, and local leaders to understand the need to harness what is within their means to be able to help themselves and others.

“We have been able to operationalize at least one of the pillars of skilling the Youth through a YY foundation project for which we are very grateful, this project will come out to address issues that affect the largest stakeholders of the population which are the youth.” Prof Mpezamihigo said

This conference (online and offline) featured plenary sessions, workshops, and country forums in which participants exchanged ideas and information under the theme "Building a New Civilisation-Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us".

Discussions focused on Social Business in Microcredit, Education, Healthcare, Arts and Creativity, Technology, Youth, Sports, 3ZERO Clubs, and all aspects of building a New Civilisation.

Prof Mpezamihigo further stressed that KIU is there to advance social business for the good of humanity and the involvement of a new civilization that will create a fair and just world for everyone.  

Prof Mpezamihigo also appreciated a team from KIU who attended day 1 in big numbers.

The conference was attended by Prof. Jude Diji Chukwuemeka Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension Kampala International University, and other University officials.

According to Yunus press release, the event will attract 150+ speakers, which includes 30 globally prominent speakers, 14 country forums, and 16 plenary sessions during the four days. More than 700 registered participants from 66 countries are joining globally.