KIU To Lead YYF Social Business Implementation in Uganda

Kampala International University has won a grant to lead The Yunus and You Foundation (YYF) Social Business Project in Uganda. The project is expected to sensitize, skill, and support youth-run social enterprises and strengthen the social business ecosystem in Uganda by engaging several stakeholders.

The project led by the Kampala International University’s Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extensions (RICE) under the Centre for Innovation and Excellence is based on the concept of Social Business developed by the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Professor Mohammed Yunus.

According to Assoc Prof. Chukwuemeka Diji, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Innovations, Consultancy and Extensions (RICE), “The project is expected in one year to cover the four regions of Uganda, targeting youths in secondary schools, youths in University, and out-of-school youths.”

“Uganda has been marked as one of the nations with the youngest population in the world, with a median age of 15 years, owing to a high population growth averaging 3.2% over the two past decades. Youth unemployment is estimated at 11%, about 5 percentage points higher than adult unemployment. The youth account for 78% of the total labour force, but largely in the informal sector which exacerbates vulnerability. As a result, about 15% of the employed youth are categorized as working poor, 3% below the total national average”

Tagged Ebizibu Bugaga’, the project is expected to train 1000 youths with knowledge and practical skills in Social Business, establish Yunus Social Business Centres (YSBCs) in 4 Universities, 4 Secondary schools and 4 youth community groups across four regions of Uganda (North, West, Central and East).